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Louisiana Resources

Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism (University of Louisiana Lafayette)
The Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism at UL Lafayette created a website that contains an index to numerous online Louisiana cultural and environmental tourism resources, as well as parish sketches with links to area attractions.The site also features short essays on Cajun music, zydeco and many other cultural topics.
Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
The website provides information on State Parks, the State Museum, State Library, the Arts, Archaeology, Historic Preservation, the Office of Lieutenant Governor and Louisiana State Government.
Louisiana Travel Promotion Assocation
The Louisiana Travel Promotion Association is a non-profit, private sector trade association representing the State's travel and hospitality industry. LTPA offers cooperative programs at significant savings so that members can buy more, do more and achieve more.
State Library of Louisiana
The State Library serves the citizens of Louisiana through the public libraries across the state. State employees and officials can obtain materials directly from the State Library.
Welcome Louisiana -
The Official Louisiana Tourism Web site -Sponsored by the Louisiana Office of Tourism and the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association.

Other Resources

American Travel Survey
U.S Department of Transportation survey obtaining information about long-distance travel of persons living in the United States. Contains summaries of travel in the U.S, travel for each state, data for each state and metropolitan areas and maps of interstate travel flows.
Arkansas Economic Reports
The Economic Impact of Travel in Arkansas.
The Effects of the 2001 Spring Advertising Campaign.
The Arkansas Internet Conversion Study and TIC Survey.
The Tourism Information Center Registration Summary.
California Tourism Research
California Tourism statistics reports, and travel trends. Also contains links to California tourism research.
Developing Naturally: Enchancing Communities
The materials provided here have been developed around the concepts of: Discovery, Mutuality, Locality, Historical, Potentiality, and Enhancement. Included for downloading at no fee are "How to" guides on Nature-based community development, Bed and Breakfast Development, and Recycling.
The International Ecotourism Society
This page contains ecotourism market data reports including U.S ecotourism fact sheets, ecotourist's market profile and trip charactertistics.
Michigan State University Extension
Information on newsletters and programs, tourism inventory data and trends for each county in Michigan. Annual reports on travel and toursim facts, trends, and people's intentions to travel.
Michigan Travel, Tourism and Recreation Resource Center
Contains tourism related research websites and Michigan specific research and outreach.
National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation
Presents microdata records on individuals involved in fishing, hunting, and other wildlife- associated recreation, such as wildlife observation, and photography.
National Tour Association
The National Tour Association provides business opportunities, knowledge and information to businesses involved in tour operator packaged travel. This site provides industry market reports, preliminary market appraisals and tour operator profiles.
NOAA Fisheries Statistics & Economics
This site provides access to key databases including U.S and Louisiana marine recreational fisheries statistics (commercial fisheries landings, foreign trade, marine recreational fisheries catch and effort), and contains relevant links and references.
Office of Travel & Tourism Industries
U.S Federal Office of Tourism whose core responsibility is to collect, analyze and disseminate international travel and tourism statistics for the U.S.
Strategies for Monitoring Tourism in Your Community's Economy (Arizona Cooperative Extension University of Arizona) - March 1999
This bulletin provides ideas for tracking local tourism activity. If you hold a position that is responsible for tourism promotion or development, you may already be collecting and using some data.This bulletin presents ideas concerning how to present this data to the media and local decision makers. In addition, this bulletin will explain how to use collected data to make strategic decisions.
Tourism Laboratory for Economic & Social Behavior
Provides destination marketing organizations with information necessary to keep pace with the evolution of new technologies, the emergence of innovative advertising strategies, the changes in the consumer market, the growing competition due to increasing globalization, and other impacts that affect the tourism industry.
Travel and Tourism Research Association
The Travel and Tourism Research Association is a professional organization comprised of providers and users of travel and tourism research, and serves as a primary resource to the travel and tourism industry. TTRA is an international network for more than 800 travel and tourism research and marketing professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds.
Travel Industry Association of America
The Washingtion DC based , non-profit association that represents and speaks for the common interests and concerns of all components of the U.S travel industry. The authoritative and recognized source of research, analysis and forecasting for the entire industry and its primary spokesperson to the domestic international media.
U.S. Census Bureau: American FactFinder
American FactFinder is designed to help you find geographic comparsion tables for population and housing data, economic data and thematic maps.You can compare your parish with the state statistics on population, housing, economic and geographic data.
Western States Tourism -Policy Council
This site contains economic impact studies of tourism in the western states, tourism and public lands in the west and national travel and tourism issues and outlook for 2000.
World Travel & Tourism Council
The World Travel & Tourism Council(WTTC) is the Global Business Leaders Forum for Travel and Tourism. This site contains economic research reports on world, regional and country tourism data, league and analysis tables and variance reports. Its central goal is to work with governments to realize the full economic impact of the world's largest generator of wealth and jobs-Travel and Tourism.